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What Clients Are Saying...

I order Cordae’s hair oil, 3-in-1, and edge tamer through the mail faithfully from Wisconsin! I only use these products on my daughter’s 4C hair and it does wonders. Even the edge tamer lays her baby hair down ALL day through school and everything!! I am patiently awaiting more products done by dae because I will fully support, and it all smells great too!!!”


I absolutely love this woman...she gives you exactly what you want. She doesn't pull your hair out, you actually experience growth with your protective styles. I've had weaves crochets and braids and will never let another touch my hair as long as her fingers are doing this magic!!! anyone can braid but to experience growth, no pain, laughter, kindness, and promptness is one of a kind and she is one in a million"


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"I love how Codae did my hair, she is very friendly and nice. I can't wait to book with her again. Oh! When leaving, I had two ladies say my hair was beautiful! Thank you again!”


"First time doing stitch braids after getting certified with you & I did so good!! Thank you so much, your class helped me alottt! I appreciate you. So worth it!!!”

-Ariam (one on one braiding class)

"Cordae always provides amazing service whenever I book an appointment. She's sweet and down-to-earth all while giving quality results. I'm glad I was able to find someone in my area who understands the looks I want, can replicate them to the tee, and keep my hair growing at the same time!"


"I wish I had the magic hands but since I don’t...I highly recommend her. She has the hands, customer service was a 10 & I’m definitely going back! Book with Cordaé, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thanks again girl”


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"Cordae we looooove your 3-in-1 leave-in conditioner! Detangles, hydrates & the smell! If you're looking for A black-owned hair care product, check her out!”


"I Just want to say thank you! Because of you, my confidence has gone up as a stylist (braider)”

-Rodshae (one on one braiding class)

"I love Cordae! She keeps my hair looking great! She braids sooo good, it leaves no damage to your hair!"


"Your hair oil made my hair grow even more! I use it every other day.”


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